The beginning of
web protection without
the need of any installation


Web-X DRM is a web content security solution technology that does not require installation of security modules on web browsers.

No ActiveX,
No Plug-in, No Install
Web Security, What has been the ongoing problem?

Everyone may have experienced a message window requesting an installation of Active X or additional security programs while using a website. Additional security programs, such as Active X and plugins, are excessively utilized on the web, leading to a higher demand of extermination of such features. Addressing this issue, the government has been promoting the removal of Active X and additional security programs from all public websites by 2020. However, due to structural issues like open web standards and security vulnerabilities, a separate security module installations are still held on by websites.

Content Providers

We are concerned about our contents being stolen on the web.

Web Service Providers

Even with sophisticated security options, it is hard to prevent scraping through F12 or developer tools.

Website Users

There are too many unnecessary installations required for accessing website contents.

Simple, but Powerful: Web-X DRM
as a solution to all the matters,
Web-X DRM protects web contents
without the need for extra installations.
Without the installation of extra security programs,
Web-X DRM safeguards web contents from external attacks or content theft, providing a higher quality of service.

Internet browser

Text copy


source extraction





What is possible through Web-X DRM?
How is Web-X DRM different from other security programs?
Powerful Web Security
  • Prevents Web Scraping/Crawling : Complete security upon web-based contents, such as texts, images, and audio/video (via text obfuscation, hiding image URLs, resource encryption, etc.)

  • Prevents security neutralization through reverse engineering Application of powerful obfuscation techniques

  • Prevents Memory Hacking

Web Security: No need for installation
  • Web Security applied without the need of software installation for users

  • Web Browser Control Options
    (right-click, developer mode, copy&paste, print, save-as, screen capture, etc.)

  • Available on all OS and browsers supporting HTML5

Easy Integration and Maintenance
  • Easy Setting Menu and Real-Time Update on Websites without separate server or client installation

  • Responsive to security issues through simple security server module patches.

Unlimited Application of Web Contents Protection
  • Current security model only controls access to web contents,disturbing continuous web control and monitoring

  • Persistent web security through the preventing extractions of DOM area resources

Various Applications of Web-X DRM


Web novels




Corporate intranet

Web-X DRM Application
E-book Service Provider A

After applying Web-X DRM to the webtoons/web novels, we were able to track down illegal distributors and the number of content leaked has significantly decreased.

E-book library B

Thanks to the secure and durable web features of Web-X DRM, users now conveniently access the contents on web browsers without the need of original E-book apps.

Restaurant Franchise C

After installing Web-X DRM, we were able to prevent the leakage of confidential restaurant data within the company, and thanks to Web-X DRM’s high versatility, security was easily applied to more than 2,000 franchisee stores.

Patents Held
Apparatus and method for
obfuscating contents

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Security service providing method for
content based on web browser

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Service providing method of
content based on web browser

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The beginning of simple and powerful
web content security, Web-X DRM.
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