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Key Features/ 
Text Obfuscation

Obfuscating the HTML source code, the original text becomes impossible to extract.

Hide Image Source

Hiding the image source prevents access to the original image source.

Block Developer Tool (F12)

Operating developer tools (or debug mode) could be prevented through the options of web browser settings.

Print Control

Controlling Print keys for secure contents are possible by displaying security warning messages and through setting printing permissions.

Block Copy/Paste

Even though various measures are made to copy and paste secured contents, our strong obfuscation techniques make it impossible to decipher the original content.

Crawling Prevention

Extracting text and images becomes impossible when Web-X DRM is applied. Especially for images, extraction of image sources in HTML documents is fundamentally precluded by Web-X DRM, thus preventing further unauthorized replication of images.

Screen Capture Prevention

Attempting to extract contents via Print Screen or other capture tools could be prevented through blocking screen capture options.

Image/Media Encryption

Encrypting images or media (mp3, mp4) secures the original content from extraction.


Watermarking technology prevents illegal screen captures.

It is possible to track illegal distributors using invisible watermarking technology.

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